Re opening la Bièvre, the potential of a mistreated river.

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The project is jointly organised and led by ENSAD and Mines ParisTech staff.
The workshop will challenge the students to:
- Address real life issues.
- Learn new research methodologies.
- Collaborate in multidisciplinary teams.
- Address the impact that manufacturing has on nature.
- Address the impact that nature can have on the city.


The PSL workshop will take place during the week of the 25th to the 29th of March 2019, half hosted at Mines ParisTech and the other half at ENSAD. It will bring together 20 students, 10 from Mines ParisTech and 10 from ENSAD.

Focus of the workshop will be the river Bièvre, the second natural river of Paris after the Seine, currently running under the city, after being closed for high level of pollution.
We will look into the the existing plans to continue to re-opening the underground part of the river, how the plans are presented and what could be the impact of these decision.
We will address the social, economical, environment and and cultural context in which the river existed and is existing now.

Objective of the workshop will be Investigating la Bièvre and the potential it represents for the citizens of the metropolitan city of Paris and how human activities could become the tools for reclaiming its damaged ecosystem.

After a two days of site visits and lectures the students will be working in mixed teams ( half Mines ParisTech half ENSAD) developing proposals and prototypes for possible futures for re-opening La Bièvre.

Equipe enseignante

Jasha Oosterbaan, Institut supérieur d'ingénierie et de gestion de l'environnement (ISIGE, Ecole des Mines)
Eugenia Morpurgo, designer


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