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The RecycleMyPhone course addresses the problem of secondary resources, i.e. recycling and urban mining. It discusses in a technical way the process of chemical extraction of metallic elements from two important streams which are electrical and electronic devices (WEEE) and waste batteries (laptops, cars).
Important aspects of metal recycling and the main thermal (pyrometallurgy) or wet (hydrometallurgy) technologies currently used for the recovery of metals/elements, as well as emerging technologies and industrial risks will be covered.

The course will be taught in English by academic researchers from NTNU (Norway), Chalmers (Sweden), PSL (France) and from the industrial world (ERAMET, Suez ...).


Depending on the number of participants, there will be a short oral presentation of a multiple choice questionnaire to validate the presence at the sessions.


session 1 WEEE and their chemical content: What are the chemical elements present in WEEE?; How to build a battery?; Is it worth recycling ? How can we get waste ? Brief description of the collection and sorting processes

session 2 Thermal methods (pyrometallurgy):
a little bit of thermodynamics, roasting, purification, refining, visits to a heat treatment plant

session 3: Solution chemistry (hydrometallurgy)
The main concepts of solubility, complexation, precipitation separation, adsorption, extraction, visit of a chemical separation plant

session 4: The state of the art of industrial recycling: (Eramet)
Pyrometallurgical processes applied to WEEE; recovery of rare and strategic metals in pyrometallurgical processes; Recycling of lithium batteries by pyrometallurgy compared to hydrometallurgy.

session 5: Emergent recycling methods and responsible recycling: Chemical risks inherent to treatment (heavy metals, toxic volatile compounds, fires); effluent treatment in processes; carbon and energy balance of recycling.


some knowledge of basic mineral chemistry is advised

Equipe enseignante

Philippe Barboux, Maxime Balva, Domitille Giaume, Virginie Lair, Gérard Cote, Vincent Semetey, Chimie Paristech-PSL (France)
Ragnhild Aulne, NTNU (Norway)
Martina Petranikova, Christian Eckberg Chalmers (Sweden)

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The RecycleMyphone project is supported by the EIT-raw materials


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