Ethics and Social and Environmental Responsibility of Markets and Organizations

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This course presents the key ideas, principles and instruments of sustainable development in organizations, with a focus on the theme of organizational responsibility and ethics. It takes an international perspective to focus on the concepts of sustainable development and corporate social and environmental responsibility. It will emphasize the types of strategies, data, analysis, procedures, and skills used to implement sustainable development in private and public organizations.

The overall goals are:
•     To build a framework of analysis which will allow students to analyze central issues and problem in complex cases.
•     To build up a superior understanding of sustainable development in organizations.
•     To be able to present well supported suggestions for sustainable development measures in organizations.
•     To develop analytical and decision-making skills for dealing with complex issues in an ethical and responsible manner.

Learning outcomes include:
•     Understand the notion of sustainable development and long-term viability
•     Ability the identify different types of sustainable development strategies
•     Ability to integrate knowledge on sustainable development in problem solving in a bigger multidisciplinary setting.
•     Understand the steps of an environmental and social risk analysis and identification of mitigation measures
•     Ability to reflect on the synergies and contradictions of traditional organization’s strategies with sustainable development
•     Ability to select, structure and present operational data and strategic information on sustainable development.
•     Ability to point out how doing sustainable development strategies has changed because of advancing technology and globalization
•     Be able to clearly explain their own perspectives and choices, and consider feedback and remarks of associates.


Each student will participate in one case study and in one debate.


The Course Structure will be made a one week class. Each day will be dedicated to one theme, done in two classes of 3 hours:

1) Introduction to the concepts of sustainable development, corporate social and environmental responsibility and ethics and effective altruism
2) Standardization of responsibility: regulations on environmental and social issues
3) Responsibilities in the global value chain: who is responsible and how do organizations respond to their environmental and social responsibilities? A comparison between States, private companies and international organizations
4)Intra-organizational responsibilities: sustainable development applied to different organizational functions, structures and incentives
5) Responsibilities on environmental and social risk analysis and organizational strategies to avoid, reduce, mitigate environmental and social risks

I am a PhD Student at Paris-Dauphine University and also worked at the World Bank on environmental and social risks and compliance. For each class, I will present basic concepts and cases, ask a selected group of students to do a case study (which will both have to do with the World Bank and other organizations) and a group of students to do a debate on a chosen topic on sustanaible development in organizations.


No specific prerequisite. Some basic notions on sustainable development would be preferable.

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