Fashion tech workshop: Biomimicry and new technologies - Textile explorations

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The module associates biomimicry as a source of inspiration, and new technologies, with a sustainable dimension. The students will be led to question, through the design of fashion accessories, the challenges of future textile innovations.
The transversality of the teams of students in engineering, design and management allows for a multicultural and multidisciplinary approach. The workshop is held at the heart of a Fab Lab in order to facilitate the use of new technologies (e.g. laser cutting, electronics) and to immediately put the research into practice.
In the field of textiles, the mechanical properties of spider silk, the self-cleaning surface of the lotus leaf, or the adhesion of the gecko's paw are conventionally cited and declined. Through numerous examples, a first step of guided experimentation allows students to learn how to use the material provided. Then in a second step, they have to carry out the design of an accessory or to build a research notebook on a theme that they will have defined.
Finally, in order to anchor this experience in professional reality, they have to perform in parallel a Life Cycle Inventory, the first step of a LCA. It consists in this context of listing their actions and consumption of materials in order to formalize their own environmental impact during the workshop.
If you want to know more about biomimicry and discover how to grow a BLOB, this workshop is for you!


Restitution, by each group of students, of the insights of the project, with a presentation of the fashion accessory or the research notebook and a description of the LCI of the team approach.


30 hours are spread over the week with:
• Conferences exploring prospective and existing projects of biomimicry in our daily life as well as applications in the textile field
• Tutoring for the development of a project per group of 4-5 students exploring a subject related to bio-inspired fashion accessories

Discussed subjects:
• Methodological workshops for the appropriation of the biomimicry approach
• Examples of applications in our daily life and in textiles
• Practice and experimentation to learn how to use a Fab Lab
• Production of a mock-up or a research notebook and description of the Life Cycle Inventory

Participants will have access to the Pop Lab for one year after the PSL week.


• A curious mind
• A laptop for working in project mode and creating files for Fab Lab machines

Equipe enseignante

Responsables : BOST Florence, DELLORO Francesco, DEPEYRE Colette
Additional lecturers for biomimicry conferences and fablab tutorials

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