Inequality, deprivation and behaviour: A theoretical and practical exploration

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This PSL-week will examine the impacts of inequality, poverty and deprivation on well-being and on behaviour. It will contain lectures on the theoretical background from several disciplines (psychology, sociology, public health), but there will be a strong focus on group practical work. We will consider how to do research on this topic, as much as learning about the results of previous. Students will complete a ‘mini-project’ in small groups, during which they will devise a question and a simple method, and gather some rapid data. They will present their work in a final group presentation, which can take any format they desire.


Each student will need to demonstrably contribute to the mini-project and its presentation. The presentation must have a durable form, such as a video, poster, website, blog or essay.


The course will run for four hours per day from Monday to Friday. The first two days will lay out the background and the options for mini-projects. Wednesday and Thursday will be devoted to the mini-projects themselves, and Friday to group presentations.



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